10W Dual-Laser Cutter & Engraver with Autofocus

Powerful & versatile DIY tool for creative hobbyists, artists and small businesses.

*Limited Super Early Bird(5W / 10W For $549/ $649)

*First Comes, First Served.

Compressed Laser Spot 

Auto Distance Sensor 

Engrave on Anything

Cut Easier, Engrave Finer

L3 is capable of quality-demanding works for various purposes. Highest power-effective laser and Y-axis synchronism allows reproducing rich-detail patterns on any materials, stably and accurately, even 304 stainless steel mirror finishes without blackening the surface. It needs fewer passes to cut deeper than its peers, marking evenly fine lines and less burns. 

Preview In The Printing Area   

Repeat Printing

Automatic Lifting And Focusing 

Powerful Creator Tool

L3 is meant to be the best of what it is. Incomparable to other desktop machines, it downsizes the industrial laser engraver while reserving the large power. Twin laser diodes with FAC optic that compress the laser dot to increase output efficiency by 20%, so your creation will be done faster, deeper and finer.

‘Touch’ to Set Creation Free

Before getting started, L3 emits a weaker laser outlining the area for you to preview if the size and position is desirable. Autofocus helps you bring satisfying engraving results with ease. What you see is what you get. 

Sharp Auto Focus

Productive Start-Up Partner 

Extended working area is not only suitable for engraving larger patterns, also very handy for mass creation - engraving or cutting several objects at one time without resetting the machine again.

Safe for Family Moment

The large power is not to be offered at the cost of safety. A shield is directly integrated with the moving emitter to protect your eyes from the harms of lasers. If any accidental touch or movement is detected while the laser is working, L3 will immediately shut down itself to prevent potential damage or injury. 

More Compatible & Intuitive

5W: $549 / 10W: $649

Xinjia Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a reputable OEM/ ODM provider of various well-known laser equipment companies. By years of practical experience, we pioneer laser R&D, sales and supply chain in the industry. Wainlux came out as the self-owned brand of Xinjia withwith K1, K2, K3, K4, K6 & now L3 in a series, aming to offer the best creativity and value-generating solution to everyone.